The Anglo-Ukraine friendship trophy

We are delighted to announce that we’ll be taking part in a match between the Ukraine fans and our own team, at Bedfont and Felton Football Club.
The full match details and itinerary are linked in the PDF contained on our Match page.

We are also asking people to donate to our GoFundMe to send supplies to the Ukraine, for much needed humanitarian support.

This international fan friendly is in support of the Ukrainian people, and enabled by the kind permission of Bedfont and Feltham Football club, where the match is being held.

Happy birthday Garford Beck!

Everyone connected to EnglandFans FC would like to wish founder and team manager Garford Beck a very happy birthday.

If you want to leave a Birthday wish down below then please do and we will make sure Garford sees them.
You can also comment on our group if you’d like!