Anglo-Ukraine friendship trophy

Anglo-Ukraine friendship trophy

Please join us on Friday 25th of March at 7:45pm for a match between EnglandFans FC and the Ukraine Fans.
You can download our PDF here.


5:30pm onwards – Players arrive at the stadium.
6:30pm–7:00pm – Players warm-up.
7:25pm – Players, match officials & mascots enter the arena led by Mr. Michael Murray.
7:27pm – Presentation party introduced to players and match officials.
7:30pm – National anthems (Ukraine first, then England), FIFA fair play handshake & team photographs. Ukraine’s national anthem will be sung by Miss Galina Balaban; England’s national anthem will be sung by Miss Jane Gatfield of ‘Sing Your Pain Away!’ Choir.

7:36pm – One minutes silence as a show of solidarity and support to Ukraine.
7:37pm – Team photographs.
7:38pm – Playing of John Lennon’s Imagine ~ players from both sides to stand together behind a ‘Football Stands Together’ banner.
7:43pm – Coin Toss and exchange of pennants.
7:44pm – Teams face each other holding the EnglandFans FC anti-racism banner.
7:45pm – Kick-off.
8:30pm – Half-time.
8:45pm – Second half.
9:30pm – End of match. In the event of a draw, there will be no period of extra-time.
The winners of ‘The Anglo-Ukraine Friendship Trophy’ will be decided by the taking of penalties, under normal FIFA rules.
C.10:00pm onwards in the clubhouse – Presentation of ‘The Anglo-Ukraine Friendship Trophy’ to the captain of the winning team, man-of-the-match awards and closing speeches. During the closing ceremony, Miss Gatfield and Miss Balaban will perform, as a duet, singing Do You Hear My Voice?, a song that will be dedicated to Ukraine and its people.


7:45 pm